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  • Incase of distress or need counselling call for free- 0800211201/ 0800211202


Activities of student welfare department


The student’s welfare department has various activities that are geared towards the wellness of all students admitted to Chuka University. these activities include:


1.      Guidance and Counseling
when students are in session, our counsellors organize guidance meetings, seminars and workshops to sensitize and train students on social and psychological issues that may interfere with their day to day life. They are also available throughout the day to listen and help individual students who need counselling.
During the holiday, evenings and weekend, we are available to guide and counsel students through our e-counseling platform hosted in the university website. We can also be reached anytime through our toll free lines:
            (I)  0800211201
            (II) 0800211202
The issues that are frequently handled by our counsellors include:

-          Alcohol and drug abuse

-          Relationships related conflicts

-          Sexuality

-          Early pregnancies

-          Family conflicts

-          Financial problems

-          Conflicts with landlords

-          Accommodation issues

-          Lack of basic needs

-          Mental health issues e.g. stress, depression, aggression, trauma and loss, sexual harassment, HIV/AIDS and other issues


2.      Peer counsellors
Our department recruits, trains and supervises peer counseling activities. The peer counselors are efficient in identifying students who are in distress and provide first line counselling to them and where necessary refer them to university counsellors for more professional counselling.


3.      Clubs and Societies
The Students Welfare Department coordinates formation, strengthening and provides support for clubs and societies. The university has forty-nine clubs and societies and in addition there are four very strong and organised religious groups, namely:

·         Christian union

·         Catholic

·         Seventh Day Adventist

·         Muslim

The religious groups hold a joint service every third Sunday of a semester. This joint service brings together students and staff to worship the Almighty God.


4.      Games and Sports

The Department coordinates games and sports activities. Our teams compete in regional, national and East Africa games.



5.      Accommodation

Our department liaises with the universities accommodation department and external house owners to ensure favorable housing conditions for our students.


6.      HELB

We liaise and connect students to facilitate ease of loan allocation and disbursement to the needy students.


7.      Orientation

Our department organizes and conducts orientation for new students. Here we link the students with their respective faculties, departments and directorates where they get further guidance they need to familiarize with their courses.


8.      Work study Programme

Our department recruits work for some very needy students. These work for three hours a day as they attend their lessons. The aim is to help the very needy students earn some little money for their upkeep while at the university.


To enhance your adjustment in the university, we have a Students Information Handbook. This book has been uploaded on the Universities website. We request every student to download and read it keenly especially the RULES AND REGULATIONS that serve as a guideline for your stay at Chuka university. Also note the disciplinary procedures as guided in the books. 


To develop, nurture and promote an enabling environment that supports To develop, nurture and promote an enabling environment that supports and enhances both academic and other developmental processes of students. To offer services and support for the general welfare of students. To design and implement programmes and activities that assist students to develop physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and leadership capabilities. To liaise with University Departments and Faculties to ensure that each and every individual student achieves full potential and prepares for the challenges in life. To serve as an advocate for students by ensuring their interests are served in strategic aspects of University operations. To develop a culture of co-existence by designing programmes that nurture and encourage a strong sense of community welfare among students, faculty and other staff members.

Coordinated Aspects

The aspects the Students’ Welfare Department coordinates include: • Coordination of students’ activities (organizations, clubs, associations, and welfare societies among others.) • Work study and vocational placement of needy students. • Inter-University sports and games programmes. • Orientation of first year students in academic, social, vulnerable and gender issues, among