• deanofstudents@chuka.ac.ke
  • Incase of distress or need counselling call for free- 0800211201/ 0800211202

A welcome message from the Dean

Dr. Kanga


We welcome you to Chuka University and thank you for choosing us as the university of choice. You are now a proud member of the fastest growing premier university.
Our department is organized to operate as a home away from home for all students. Our staff members are trained to give a homely warmth to all the students who communicate or visit us. Our staff members are available and ready to guide you on anything you need to know about Chuka University. We are also available to help you resolve any disturbing issues whether personal, family, psychological or social.
Our staff comprises of:
1. Office clerk who sits in our front office to welcome and guide students on where they can get help depending on the need they express.
2. Two administrative assistants who help students on all administration needs.
3. Five psychology counselors who are well trained and experienced in guiding and counselling students and staff on issues that affect their lives.
4. Dean of students who co-ordinates and oversees the day to day running of the department and links the students with university management.
5. Two games tutors who help students to develop and grow their talents in games and athletics.